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Monday 27 November 2006
Summer Series - Sandgate

Here are the results from the inaugural event. Thanks Steve and Dave, and to everyone who attended.

Steve Hayes: 16m 35s, disqualified - rules state may only use 2 legs - 3 used
1, Dave Spence: 21m 10s
2, Bruce Cook: 21m 53s
3, Wendy Stewart: 23m 57s
4, Laimon Eglentals: 24m 24s
#1 Naeslund dog: 25m 17s, disqualified - rules state may only use 2 legs - 4 used
5, Genevieve Naeslund: 25m 18s
#2 Naeslund dog: 25m 19s, disqualified - rules state may only use 2 legs - 4 used
6, Luke Goold: 27m 58s
7, Glen Matinca: 28m 10s 3 x Girlie boys ran in together. Dave made comment that we should buy some artificial testosterone to add some male competitive spirit into these "guys".
7, Russell James: 28m 10s
7, Steve Blake: 28m 10s
10, Robyn Eglentals: 31m 59s, Girlies allowed to cross line or go to bathroom together.
10, Barbara Hyam: 31m 59s
12, Tammy: 35m 57s
DNF (did not find), Local phone in, Maybe we should have gone looking for her? Maybe we will as she was a good looker, maybe Dave and Bruce did ... and still finished ahead of the girlie boys, cos they sure didn't!

There were some unjust complaints that the course was longer than the said 4 km. Course markers responded by saying "Bullsh*t, I measured it in the car"

Also something about the witch's hats being in the middle of the largest "puddles". Tidal waters are very unpredictable, the tide must have some in and out again between course marking and the start of the race

Special mention for Luke Goold who got wettest and managed to run through every puddle and was very proud of that fact. This is the spirit we are looking for. He also beat all the girlie boys in.

Who let the dogs out?

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