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Tuesday 10 April 2007
Caboolture Road Runners 8k Handicap - Race 2

A touch of autumn weather saw in the start of Race 2 at Bruce and Sue's place at Delaney Creek on Sunday. It was a real pleasure to run in cooler, albeit sunny, conditions after so much hot weather. And looking around the gardens you wouldn't even know there's a drought with all Sue's hard work on magnificent display. Bruce, head groundsman and bottle washer, had prepared an excellent pitch for the youngsters backyard cricket. And it was the last of the 4 day Easter break as well, a welcome respite from work.

These should be Bilbies of course.

The course layout by Bruce was also very pleasant through bush and past local properties, an honest track with truly undulating sections not so steep as to kill you but serious enough and some ripper downhills you can tear into without the brakes on. Excellent markings all the way despite Steve's best efforts otherwise - wouldn't you think he'd try harder instead of always going through his the motions. The placegetters all beat their handicaps with the winner, Jason, a local and mate of Macca, stripping 8 minutes off his previous time. His first run with us was on the Mt Mee cow trail, a real tough intro so his efforts on Monday were great. In fact he hit out so confidently and strongly on the uphill section after the gun that he had a few of the more seasoned runners wondering. More to come in the future for sure.

Tammy continued her improvement by running all of the course and placing second with some more time off her handicap. Wendy took third after a monster warmup and a determined effort to keep the little Pom within sight to finish just 4 seconds adrift. We are all a little nervous on any run now just waiting for Wendy to kick it up a gear and blow us all away. Good to see the Widnes Wonder trot out the T shirt for another time, but 4 seconds mate? Could make a good duster soon.

Parso pulled up 1 second behind Bruce on handicap - so near and yet.... No shame in that I reckon, and I think we'll see a screamer from Bruce in Canberra next weekend. Good luck to all those running. Macca and Steve finished close with Ian K close behind. Good to see Ian feeling much improved health wise after a horror stretch recently. Russell finished well as he winds up his training for a mammoth adventure race on Bribie and environs later this month. Good luck. Glen held Francis off over the line but their placings were reversed on handicap. Good luck to Glen in the Brisbane half this month and we all hope he sees Col out there somewhere in the Full for God knows how many times now. Barb and Robyn had a close finish too, with Barb admitting she was close to going missing on the run until Gundars steered her in the right direction. And an old familiar face in Geoff W back after some travel and all the organising for the Historical Village event. Great to see you Geoff and good luck in the Grafton to Coffs late May.

Bruce planned courses for the teens and younger kids, as well as an Easter Egg hunt - a really nice end to the events. It's wonderful to see someone encouraging youngsters to keep fit - but most of all just have fun! Thanks guys for your hospitality.

Results for the shorter events were: 1k Matt and Bruce 3:54, Russell's little girl 5:12, Charmaine 5:15 and Iain 5:31, while in the 3k Aaron 12:27, Aiden 12:50, Sam 14:00, Luke 14:09, Ian 16:59 and Sue 17:00.

Next event is 6 May at Steve's place at this stage, it's also our AGM again so please come along to ensure we have a quorum. The committee is sorted so don't be scared to turn up from 8am.

That's Bruce behind the tree.


Name Old Handicap Race 2 Time Difference Race 2 Points Race 1 Points Total Points New Handicap
Bruce 30:04 30:37 0:33 41 50 91 30:07
Tammy 54:19 53:22 -0:57 46 43 89 53:33
Iain McK 30:56 31:37 0:41 39 46 85 31:00
Jason 52:38 44:27 -8:11 50 34 84 46:05
Mark 31:53 32:27 0:34 40 40 80 31:57
Steve H 32:36 33:29 0:53 38 41 79 32:41
Francis 37:41 39:53 2:12 35 38 73 37:54
Glen 36:18 39:43 3:25 34 37 71 36:33
Barbara 43:10 47:58 4:48 32 36 68 43:25
Robyn 44:06 47:53 3:47 33 35 68 44:21
Wendy 34:20 33:33 -0:47 43 - 43 33:42
Arthur 35:23 00:00 - - 39 39 35:23
Ian K 30:06 31:19 1:13 37 - 37 30:14
Russell 33:25 35:00 1:35 36 - 36 33:35
Tania 55:44 00:00 - - 34 34 55:44
Geoff W 36:01 41:20 5:19 31 - 31 36:16


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