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Thursday 24 April 2003
Caboolture Road Runners NEWSLETTER April 2003

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Caboolture Road Runners NEWSLETTER
April 2003

El Presidente

On an early morning jog a strange impression hit me, like a voice from a distant, cold land. There was the faint sound of bag pipes in the distance, drawing me further. It sounded like they were calling me to write, to write for the runners, so that they wouldn't forget everything that was soon to be upon us. Was I dreaming? Or was it too many nightmares of the hills surrounding Mt Mee? I better check with our fearless leader Dave, hey Dave where did you go?

Welcome to the latest newsletter for Caboolture Road Runners. There have been a few changes lately, most of all being the absence of one of our own, running in greener (and colder) fields until October. We wish you all the best on your adventures Dave and Family.

The 8km series is off and running, with Mark using a handicap system to keep things fair between the fast and slow. The next race is on the 11th May, and to save Robyn telling everyone like she already has, it's also my birthday (21+?). So it looks like I'll have an early morning wake up then. How about everyone running slower than me? Sounds good to me. Hope to see you all there.

Also coming up quickly is the Race the Rattler. All who entered last year had a great time and once again we can enter teams at no cost thanks to corporate sponsorship. All who would like to come along talk to Robyn about joining a team. Something to think about later in the year is the Hervey Bay half marathon. A good chance to catch up with our old friends Bob and Lorna on a slightly flatter circuit than they have been known for.

Run and have fun, Laimon

Thanks Laimon. By the way, what's the difference between the bagpipes and a trampoline? You take your boots off before you jump on a trampoline. Ed.

In This Edition- There's so much we've split it into two parts - This is Part A, click on the links below to go to each article (or scroll down)



Anyone for a banger?

Harvey Norman Furniture and Electrical Morayfield have been good supporters of Caboolture Road Runners. On a regular basis they have allowed us to conduct a sausage sizzle at the entrance to their store, which gets the club good visibility and raises some money at the same time. The latest cook up was conducted on 12th and 13th April and proved very successful. Next time we have one planned, come down to help or spend some hard earned at Harvey Norman Furniture and Electrical Morayfield - just save enough cash for a couple of snags and a cold drink on the way out!

Glen the chef
Glen waves his BBQ tool around
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Somerset Trail

With Henzell at the helm this was always going to be a great event, but even Greg couldn't quite manage the weather and first timers on this tough track will have to take our word for it that the view at the turnaround is something special.

Runners and a host of walking partners turned up in the Mt Mee State Forest at the Gantry on Saturday 5 April. The Somerset Trail is a formed pathway of around 13 kilometres which loops from the car park up a series of steep inclines to a high ridge at about 7 k's which usually affords some splendid views across Somerset Dam. The return journey has some testing hills but is mostly down hill back to the start.

It's definitely not 5 k's as one well known running identity assured his missus beforehand. He was last seen disappearing in his car to find her out on the trail somewhere and we can only wonder at the reception he probably got.

With the scenic views obscured by mist and low cloud, runners and walkers had to be content with a challenging trip through changing bush that varies from open scrub to dense bush and rain forest.

Turn out exceeded expectations with around fifty people at the start, most of whom completed at least one lap of the course before enjoying tea, coffee and a late leisurely breakfast in the picnic grounds there. Some hardy souls kept it up twice around, a really big ask on this course.

It was especially pleasing to have visitors from Brisbane City Runners, Moreton Bay Road Runners and other clubs join us. Many of the visitors enjoyed this morning so much they plan to hold reciprocal run/walks later this year and we hope these are well supported by Caboolture Road Runners members.


Somerset haze
Runners and walkers at the start - already looks a little hazy doesn't it?
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Caboolture Road Runners members have performed exceptionally well in recent events including track and field, walking and running from 10 kilometres to ultra races.

6 hour - Why did I do it?

Well it was my intention to do Red Rock to Coffs Harbour, a scenic race along the coast over headland and through freshwater creeks, but due to family commitments I could not make it that weekend.

As I had in mind to do at least 2 x 50 km runs as marathon build up I decided to do the dusk to dawn, as it was local. After arranging with Geoff Williams to sign up on the night I was all prepared for an 'easy' long run. I was a little puzzled as to where the box for the 50k event was on the entry form, there was only 2 boxes 6hr and 12hr. Geoff had forgotten to tell me the 50k was only a time posted during the 6hr event - small oversight!!

I adjusted my race plan from going off easy and keeping it that way, to going off easier and getting slower as I progressed. So we set out, a field of about 20 in the 6hr and 10 or so in the 12hr. It felt strange at first, I always said I would never do more than a 50k race and here I was alone amongst all these peculiar 'ultrarunners'. Quite disturbing actually. The race was very well organised and Geoff with his personal touches and humour made it a fun time. I was pleasantly surprised when I hit the lead about two thirds into the race. I had been lapped a few time by a couple of runners and was lying in third place until this time. One guy succumbed to cramps and Adam Baron who had been flying slowed to a walk. I thought he was coming out with the usual "I haven't been training much" at the start, but as it turned out he was probably telling the truth.

I was pleased with my run, my laps were very consistent, until the last 1 1/2 hours, where I slowed considerably. It wasn't as boring as one might think running 121 laps around a 1/2 km track. The atmosphere is 'quaint' running through the Historical village with the pub, old Queenslanders (like Geoff), coffee shops etc, with the local radio commentating/interviewing, playing music and all those things that radio stations do.

And probably the highlight of the evening was changing direction from anti-clockwise to clockwise after 3 hours!!

It was great to see the amazing Col McLeod racing Paul Wodehouse (Phil's mate the organic farmer) in the 3 man team event. Each runner runs for 2 hrs non stop. Well Col hung on for about 30 mins, then only lost about a lap and a half over the next 90 minutes, not bad for a sixty going on 70 year old. Well I was happy with the win, but I think I will double check the distances before I enter any more ultra events, 50k is definitely my limit as six hours is far too long for this little 'pommie'. My second 50k event in my lead up to the Coast will be Glasshouse in May. Steve Hayes.

6 Foot Track Marathon - NSW

In 2001 some bright spark somewhere had the great idea to compete in the 6 foot Track Marathon from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney to the Jenolan Caves some 45 kilometres away. Mark and Greg from Caboolture Road Runners went down, down, down then up, up, up along a course that has more hills than we've had hot feeds. Just look at the map above.

This year it was agreed between them that they would both again tackle this course because, despite its difficulty, the camaraderie amongst runners and the environment really are special - it's an event that every distance runner wants to do at least once.

Always the extrovert, driving to work one day Mark decided to get his picture taken by a nice man in a blue uniform in a van parked beside the Bribie Road early one morning before the run - a very expensive photo which effectively blew his travel and entry budget, as well as the gross domestic budget of several small island states in the Pacific. No ticker eh? Some people will do anything to get out of a hard run.

Greg took on the challenge in good company with the Brisbane City Runners team but unfortunately gremlins struck on the day and Greg suffered bad cramps which eventually slowed him down. While he did finish, Greg is keen to try the run again sometime to better his first effort there.

As a measure of how very difficult this course is, compare times over the Mt Mee 50. Believe it or not Mt Mee is actually an easier track, even though it's 5 k's longer and you know how bad the hills are, you still seem to be able to finish Mt Mee around 30 minutes quicker! 6 Foot really is tough.

Interestingly, some of the posts on the CoolRunning website after the run also complained about bad cramping as well, so weather, water, food or energy drinks before or during the run could be partly to blame. A real shame after so much hard work, but there's always next year - as long as your training partners don't wimp out.

2nd + 2nd + 2nd = 6???

Yes, the title is a really lame attempt to continue the theme of "sixes", but there were three second placings for the Caboolture Road Runners recently in Gary Parson's Mt Mee Classic.

Iain McKee improved his placing last year from 3rd to 2nd while slicing 2 minutes off his previous time. Everyone agrees the 10 k is probably the most difficult one of the days events because after 5 kilometres more or less down hill (the last 1 kilometre of which is steeper than the aptly named Heartbreak Hill in Sydney's annual City to Surf) there's no respite, no rest, you just turn straight around and head back up the mother of all hills.

Iain is hitting some great form after moving to Mt Mee and pushing hard in his training on all of the slopes up there. He'll have a great year.

Wendy Stewart placed 2nd female in the 25 kilometre event after a second place last year as well. Although this year wasn't as close as last time (only 16 seconds separated Wendy from first place in 2002) she did start out at a fierce pace which had some of her male rivals wondering if they could be embarrassed on the day. Unfortunately, Wendy had some injury niggles and had to back off, but finished with determination to go one better next time.

It was a case of second time lucky for Mark Parsonson after retiring from the 50 kilometre event in hot conditions in 2001 at 40 k's. Last year he gave the Mountain the respect it's due by acknowledging he hadn't trained enough and stuck to the 25, but the thought of that DNF was motivation enough to have another crack at the longer distance this year.

Running in close company with eventual winner Adrian Pearce and Stuart Wagner, both of whom had finished strongly in the 6 Foot just 3 weeks before, the trio lead the event until Stuart fell marginally behind. Adrian turned first at the half way point by a couple of hundred metres but swapped the lead with Mark until 38 kilometres when he proved far too strong on the hills, eventually finishing well ahead of Mark who held 2nd place despite a painful run/walk struggle to the line over the last 5 k's, with Stuart gaining close behind. At some point on the run Adrian confessed that after 6 Foot Mt Mee was "a good training run". What do you have to do to slow these guys down?

Other Caboolture Road Runners members who competed were Glen Matinca, Col Colthorpe and Sandra Cox.

The Mt Mee Classic is another one of those special runs that you just have to add to your list of must do's and next year it celebrates 10 years, making it even more worthy of support by Caboolture Road Runners.

Full results on the net at CoolRunning

Queensland Little Athletics Capt'n Snooze State Championships

The Little A's state championships were held in Townsville from 21 to 23 March 2003. A couple of local future champions made the trip and excelled in their events with some great PB performances.

Wendy was very proud to see her boy Luke Goold contest the under 10 age group in a variety of events including the 800 hundred metres in a PB 2 minutes 50.57 seconds and 25.05 metres for another PB in the discus. Luke made the finals in both the discus and high jump finishing 7th and 4th respectively, an excellent effort against the states best. He also competed in the long jump and the 60 metres hurdles, finishing in the top twenty.

Phew! We are exhausted just reading about this guy!

Another local hero is Samuel Cook who contested the under 9 years final for 800 metres and blitzed the opposition to take first place in 2 minutes 47 seconds after a sound 2m49s in the heats. Sue and Bruce must be delighted with this gold medal performance, as of course would young Samuel.

Congratulations to Luke and Samuel, and we all look forward to seeing them achieve their goals in the future. Looks like some very serious talent coming up to represent the Caboolture Road Runners!

Luke in sporting attire
Luke Goold at the Harvey Norman Furniture and Electricla Morayfield sausage sizzle - are those regulation shorts young man?
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