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Glasshouse 11-12/9/10
Thursday 16 September 2010
Glasshouse 11-12/9/10

The final leg of the Glasshouse series was a great event, once again with many of the club members volunteering their time over the two day event.  Thanks to Mappo, Steve H, Parso, Col & grandkids, Macca, Sandy, Francis, Kirsten and Cameron at various checkpoints as well as Robyn and Gundars who did a great job manning CP7 on Saturday, serving up lots of lovely food to the Ultra runners. Special thanks to Gundars for a beautiful sketch he did of my daughter while we dropped in for a visit on Saturday arvo. I didn't run through all checkpoints so if I missed anyone I'm sorry.

To say the 30k was challenging would be putting it lightly, with the first 15ks comprising of mainly steep rugged hills, this was the hardest run I have done all year, but by far the most rewarding surrounded with stunning scenery. 

I was accompanied by Audrey 5.06.08, Tony 4.29.35, Anja 3.17.04 (top effort considering a 3 week break and still recovering from jetlag) and myself (Bilby) 3.09.26.

In the 12k Sandy 54.06 and his wife Judy 1.30.40.  It was a real blast from the past too with Sandra Cox running through CP1a which Col manned on Sunday - just like a Sunday run at Bob and Lorna's.

And in the 100k a huge pat on the back for Francis in a sizzling 15.01.30 completing his first 100k at Glasshouse. I saw Francis at CP7 (about halfway) and he was as fresh as a daisy, so take note all you kids that are being coached by him if you want to become good runners - and if you misbehave he'll make you run an ultra.
The event wound up with the usual top lunch served up. Many thanks to Ian Javes, Bruce Cook, Charlie Hall and all the other volunteers who make this event happen, looking forward to next year.

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