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Steves Super Secret Summer Series Starts Sunday 21/11/10
Monday 25 October 2010
Steves Super Secret Summer Series Starts Sunday 21/11/10

Yes boys and girls, break out your budgy smugglers or that fetching one piece, its almost summer time and that means water play, swimming, aquatic hi jinx and general wild abandon in, on or under anything that's wet and slippery - like jelly or your own good honest sweat.  Ewww.

Time for Steves annual homage to sun, surf and err...sweat, again.  A series of scintillating sprints set in the sweetest sites seen so far.

But this year served to you, like a good martini, with a twist.  At the last handicap event we asked you what distance you wanted to race over the summer series.  Of the 20 members there we got 25 different requests, all of which we carefully considered and ignored - especially the one from Francis who suggested infinity.  This series there will be 2 races, the shorter of which will be more or less half the distance of the longer event and both will be clearly marked out for you.  All you have to do is run the course, then estimate how long you reckon the course was!  

If you are the closest guess to the exact distance as determined by the race organisers, you could win some marvellous prizes.  I say "could" because we don't actually have any prizes yet, but we could do and you could win...but probably not.

So grab your towel, bucket and spade, the sun block and inflatable arm bands for race 1 at the Athletic Track at Centennary Lakes on 21 November at 7am - you get the best swell early.

Oh one final rule, anyone caught running with any form of GPS device, foot pod or a very long piece of measured string will be harshly dealt with.

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