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Bill B Reports from Binna Burra 23-24/10/10
Wednesday 27 October 2010
Bill B Reports from Binna Burra 23-24/10/10

Yes Lamington National Park is very special.  Arriving Friday arvo at Binna Burra we set up our tents and had plenty of time to relax and enjoy a walk.  We managed to continue the CRRs special talent for bird watching and spotted Satin Bowerbirds, Crimson Rosellas, Paddy Melons (not birds or fruit) and lots of other little critters in the resort area.  Following a short nap in our tents we hit the café for dinner which we had no sooner finished when Greg Waite came over and invited us to join their buffet, which included pizza and spaghetti galore.   Steve and Anja struggled to squeeze in some pizza but Bill had to uphold Sandy's reputation and so wolfed down everything; after all, carbo loading was needed for the long trek ahead.

This is not a little black duck

We then moved on for drinks in the bunkhouse with other runners where talk of overseas ultras and triathalons  was all the go, leaving this little black duck feeling like an apprentice on his first day on the job.  Finally we called it a night and went to bed.  Thanks to a bunch of teenage girls (not in our tent) chatting till all hours, sleep did not come easy and when they finally stopped a Bandicoot decided to dig up our campsite and munch away in our ears for most of the night - ahh feel the serenity!

Ah the serenity!!

Saturday morning saw us drive to O'Reillys where I saw a Regent Bowerbird as well as loads of Rosellas and King Parrots attracted by families feeding them.  We were treated to freshly brewed coffee pre-race and then we were off, running through 22kms of world heritage rainforest, a challenging run due to the natural terrain made worse by exposed tree roots and rocks along with a bit of mud and moss and the odd small stream to cross.  Throw in lots of undulations and you get a brilliant trail run.  Anja and Bill ran together for most of the race with Anja finding a spurt of energy at the end to pip Bill at the post again!!!  Steve H ran just shy of 2 hours for a great result.  After the race we lunched at Binna Burra then had dinner with the other runners at the café.  More running stories at the bunkhouse followed before hitting the hay and doing it all over again on Sunday.


Off we went all feeling a bit sore and weary but the weather was perfect and made for a truly magical run.  In fact I was expecting fairies to run across the path at any moment, and I'm sure some did towards the end (it was probably Steve) but then I was close to delirium!!  Anja proved her powers of endurance by running quicker on the return with Bill and Steve going a bit slower - gentlemen as always - putting our CRR team in second place.  We were served lunch at O'Reillys and a hot shower topped off the morning.  After a walk on the suspended walkways over the rainforest and through some beautiful gardens we pulled up stumps and headed home.  All in all a top weekend.

More bird watching?

Congratulations to our gallant CRR reps at Binna Burra this year, Anja, Bill and Steve H.  Here are the results.

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