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Wednesday 27 October 2010
All the colours of the Rainbow sands

Once again it was time for the journey north to the place of long deserted beaches, forest trails, lookouts, towering sand dunes and coloured sands as a group of dedicated CRR members made their way to Rainbow Beach.

We were welcomed at the temporary Clubhouse north mansion that was very graciously provided for our stay by Caroline. Not to be outdone on the recent nature & birdwatching themes from the latest CRR events we were welcomed by Alectura lathami (brush turkey) at the front door, and then wandering past the backyard there was a Varanus varius (lace monitor) that checked out proceedings and called past to visit Tami.

The clouds and rain threatened to unleash the powers of the heavens upon the township all week, but after the first night settling in the clouds disappeared to welcome a picture perfect Queensland weekend.

The keen and dedicated set out for a late afternoon run, as Caroline & Iain set out into town. It was an early start the next day as Laimon joined them for another run into town, along the beach, into the forestry, up a very long sandy trail to arrive at the top of the famous sand blow. A magic view all around was worth the early morning start.

It was all chilled out for the day until the afternoon, when the kids were loaded into the car, bodyboard ready and turn right at the beach to head back to that big sand dune. After checking out the world class views and how far away it is from the grey English skies, it was time to find the best dune to slide down. With an incline that would do the tracks of Kokoda proud, and in soft sand, it was an extra workout for already sore legs.

It was a case of hold on as best you can and try not to roll as both young and old slid down the sand, with both Harry and Charmie doing their best to see how much sand they could be covered in. However the best performance must go to Chrissy, who by some extra motivation from Iain, screamed all the way down.

On the way back to base and the showers, there was still some time for an impromtu sprint race along the main beach. Quick teams were formed, with Caroline racing Charmie, Robyn battling it out with Gundars, and Iain against Laimon. Showing that it is not all about running & training it was time to dress your best & get ready for the night out in town sampling the finest local produce.

With the lady of the house having to get up early to make it back to the big city for a coaching course (leaving Rainbow Beach for that is dedication to the sport), it was left to Iain & Laimon to once again put on the shoes and hit the roads & beaches. Finding that yesterday's run could be improved, Iain led out in a reversal of the course, so that this time instead of running down the big sand dunes above town, it seemed like a good idea to run up them, as if the previous day's exercise wasn't quite enough. To make up for it, it was a leisurely run back down the beach to finish off.

Once again thanks to Caroline for making the weekend possible.

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