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??K Summer series - Centenary Lakes 20/11/2010
Wednesday 24 November 2010
??K Summer series - Centenary Lakes 20/11/2010

The day began well after Steve and Mappo meticulously measured and marked the course with chalk, then the heavens opened five minutes prior to race start!!  However detailed directions given by the race director saw only one individual go slightly astray; no names mentioned but Robyn E was corrected by sweeper Mappo.  This race was, as we say, a history making innovation to normal run of the mill races.  An "upside down predictor".  Distance guessed at the end of the race calculated from your race time.  There was state of the art time keeping used for this race - see above image.  Placings below:.

1 loop
Wendy S 10.58.
Laimon E 12.01
Scott M  12.24

2 loops
Iain M 22.27
Will F 22.41
Steve H 24.35

Everyone else ran slower and slower....and slower.

Kid's race was a 400m lap on the oval.

Kirsten 1.29, Timmy 1.43, Cameron 1.44, Charmie 1.46, Bradley 1.52, Anya 2.00, Harry 2.24.

True to style Macca threw in a suggestion we do an ad hoc 1600 metre relay race.  The well drilled race organisers of the club promptly got together 5 teams and about 2 hours later, with tension building, five highly trained teams of athletes lined up for the staggered start.  Yours truly staggered off at the start and I remember our team was 4th after one lap. Sorry can't remember anymore, but everyone had fun.

During the breakfast the eagerly awaited results of the predictor were announced.

Closest guess to race distance (1 loop 2706m) as below. 

Female Wendy S 2700 Prize 1 X 3 piece odd socks
Male Laimon 2675 Prize 1 X 3 piece odd socks

Booby prize
Female Audrey H Way off Plastic ruler for next time
Male Scott M Even more way out Stubby holder with boobies on

Over to Mark & Mappo for even more fun in December & January, I'll see you for the final race in February 2011.

Merry Xmas and all the best for 2011.

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