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Warwick Pentathrun 2013 Report & Results
Tuesday 28 May 2013
Warwick Pentathrun 2013 Report & Results

Well it was that time of the year when a lot of less masculine runners heat up their hot water bottles and stay indoors reading out of date running mags. Unlike the nine courageous combatants from Caboolture Road Warriors who ventured down to the ends of the Antarctic (Warwick) to challenge the 42.195 kilometres over 2 long days and 5 enormous races!  A few of the troops had been brave enough to test themselves before, however this time they brought with them reinforcements to tackle the elements, namely Mappo and Russell. 

At first even finding their lodgings was a challenge, being out in the wilds and the address number written on the goat's skin supplied only being wrong by over 500!  Lucky enough Francis and Peter used their navigational skills to find the inn just on dark, before the rest of the troops arrived, and could send out signals to ensure the teams safe arrival.

The inn had been used in the past by the fierce coven “The Girl Guides” and believe me they must breed them tough down there as it was that cold I did catch a glimpse of some of the team tearing up under their doonas on that first night.  Race day dawned and they set off for the 21-kms of undulating frozen bitumen with good results all round. The most improved warrior for this leg was Peter with an improvement of over 4-mins but unfortunately due to an injury sustained the Monday night prior on Mt Everest (Rocksburg) he couldn’t continue the quest.  This didn’t stop him from assisting by being a team driver, coat hanger and cleaner.  With these new duties however came perks like staying warm, drinking beer and tasting Warwicks ample foods on offer from the “Running Gods”.
Challenge 2 was a rough 4.6km cross country with Russell’s all-terrain sandals giving him super powers and 1st place in his age group, with Steve H just missing out on 3rd in his age division (no sandals)!

Task 3 was a flat out and back course of 5-kms with winds blowing fresh from the South Pole as an extra challenge.  Again Russell’s sandals made him the shining light from team CRR but no cigar. The rare result here was Glen's exact same time as set during his 2012 quest. What wasn’t unusual was Brad Kruger’s uncanny, same say mystical calf muscle’s, carrying him to post great times in all events compared to us mere mortals.
Mission 4 on a cool Sunday morn was where the men were sorted out from the boys and where Peter showed enduring courage by staying in the car and protecting the teams warm oilskins for after the event.  This was a 10-km ascent of Mt Olympus with the last 5-kms being a continual climb.  Both Francis and Steve H beat last year’s times with herculean strength with the other members all running strong. The stand out for me was Steve (Mappo) who even after completing the thee challenges the day earlier ran like a steam train and killed the dragon of a climb. (I’m enjoying this!)

The final showdown for this epic event was a 1,500m dash for gold along the main street of Warwick with Will being true to his name by foxing in the earlier events and putting in a blinding run.

All in all a terrific adventure with no lost souls.  Some may even venture down again in 2014 with I’m sure extra blood to be spilt over this wretched course.

Peter M

Warwick Half XC 5k 10k 1500m Total
Francis 1:42:11 23:42.6 22:52.2 54:23.7 06:03.7 3:29:13
Will 1:45:12 23:27.6 23:38.9 57:41.9 05:50.8 3:35:51
Mappo 2:05:32 25:26.9 26:26.6 1:05:55 07:04.3 4:10:25
Steve H 1:40:56 21:33.1 22:34.5 53:55.1 06:01.9 3:25:01
Brad 1:27:29 17:53.0 19:34.0 48:06.3 05:09.8 2:58:12
Glen 1:56:12 24:55.7 26:07.8 1:08:18 06:49.5 4:02:23
Russell   19:42.0 21:46.2 55:06.4   1:36:35
Peter 1:43:58         1:43:58

Russell J29.05.2013Hey Pete, great write up I will be posting the picture I have of you crashed out in the front of the car...not pretty :-) Just for the record because of the muck up with my timing chip and number they did not have me recorded running for the 1500 in the results but the timing marshall confirmed I ran a 5.35 for the race. Great time, thanks to Mappo for his organization and thoroughly enjoyed everybody's company and the event Mark P29.05.2013Thanks Peter for a great report & pics. Congrats to all, especially Mappo, top effort mate.
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