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Friday 02 June 2006
Bus Barney Buries Buddies

The much anticipated annual pilgrimage from Caboolture to Gympie for the Race the Rattler event was soured yesterday when an all in brawl erupted on the return bus trip. Several members may require specialist treatment for some nasty Minty injuries, but the big news was the very public outing of simmering tensions between two club stalwarts Wendy S and Steve H.
Steve threw down the gauntlet, and nearly threw up his lunch, after copious lubrication in his steadfast quest to set yet another Personal Best and consume more alcohol than on any previous Rattler trip. His usually sound judgement may have been effected in a rash moment when he challenged Wendy to a race over any "reasonable" distance.
"I wouldn't get out of bed to race 3 kilometres" Steve declared, in a back pedalling effort to avoid yet another flogging in Wendy's preferred event.
For her part Wendy threw caution to the wind, along with a handful of Minty wrappers, and accepted a show down over 8 kilometres, not her best race distance but she insisted it be held at the "cauldron" of the Caboolture grass track.
Showing a deep and considered appreciation of the task at hand she asked "How many laps is it?". To which Steve replied sagely "Red lorry, yellow lorry".
Col, from Colthorpe and Cook Promotions, said "It's an entrepreneurs' nightmare really. Two aging has beens desperately trying to relive their glory days in a last ditch attempt to salvage at least some recognition for a couple of basically lack lustre performers".but enough about Beazley and Howard. The real battle now looms when Wile E. Wendy the Coyote from Caboolture takes on the Boy Wonder from Widnes, one of the Road Runners finest....
Current 8k times from the Club handicap series suggest Steve will start firm favourite with his 32:34 more than 3 minutes ahead of Wendy on 35:37. Anxious to play down the favourite tag, the enigmatic Pom reiterated his earlier comment "Red lorry, yellow lorry".
To ensure you have the latest scoop, we'll maintain our undercover reporter, our mole, deep inside the club ... who'd suspect anyone in a Sherpa hat and dark glasses - as this head to head clash develops to its climax in September. Keep reading for updates, the weigh in, fashion tips, who's under an injury cloud, anguished confessions, diets, race day horoscope, dangerous liaisons and hair styles of the protagonists. It's too good to be true - and most of it isn't.



Calm before the storm

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