Caboolture Road Runners Inc. is committed to maintaining the health and well-being of all its members who participate in our sport. This is in all aspects of our club from events through to training. Our members will be provided with safe and supportive environments in which to participate in running.

The following are relevant:

Coaches, volunteers, members, parents, spectators, guests, photographers


The interests and welfare of Caboolture Road Runners members taking part in sporting activities is paramount.

Any images taken are not to be:

  • indecent (such as ‘up skirt’ or ‘down blouse’ photographs taken covertly in change rooms or toilets)
  • defamatory
  • used for commercial purposes (person’s likeness used to endorse or entice people to buy a product).

The Caboolture Road Runners will not give permission to photographers (professional photographers, spectators, fans, coaches or members of the media) to have unsupervised access to children.

Permission from the member or child’s parent/guardian prior to taking the images is to be gained.Ensure that all concerned are aware of the way in which the image is to be used and how long the image will be displayed.

If an image is used avoid naming the person. If this is not possible avoid using both a first name and surname. Avoid the inclusion of other detailed information about individuals.


If a person is deemed to be taking photographs inappropriately, then Caboolture Road Runners can request the person to stop. If the person refuses, the police may be called to escort them off the premises.

Provide details of who to contact within the club or organisation if concerns or complaints of inappropriate behaviour in taking images or content are raised.