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Trust Fund to Support Young Athletes
Sunday 24 August 2008
Trust Fund to Support Young Athletes

Caboolture Road Runners Inc.

Trust Fund to Support Active Young People


Caboolture Road Runners encourages young people to become active by assisting its members so that their children can join the club without cost, and enjoy the benefits of training and competing in a safe supportive environment.

CRR also provides financial support for other young people in their sporting and active endeavours.  The club will consider applications from young people to participate in sporting or active events with such funds being applied to travel, training, equipment etc.


The objects of the Caboolture Road Runners Inc. are:

1.   To promote and participate in long distance running events for its members in Caboolture and elsewhere.

2.   To make submissions and to represent the interests of its members with respect to matters relating to long distance running.

3.   To organise running events.

4.   To engage in activities necessary and incidental to the furtherance of its objects.

Two important elements from the above are:-

1.      Long distance running. The CRR is a club with a focus on running long distances. There are members who walk, and various events as short as 1 mile, but basically members run long distances, which can probably be interpreted as anything from 5ks upwards.


2.      Events and activities can be promoted in Caboolture and elsewhere. While the club is not confined to Caboolture, its roots are in the Caboolture area, Caboolture features in its name and the club colours have historically been recognized as those of the local community.

 In    In the deciding the application of any funds, it should be the case that the above points are considered first and foremost.

However, it is not necessarily the case, in the context of the application of funds, that the CRR wants to promote the running of long distances by young athletes before they are mentally or physically prepared for such events. As a general guide CRR should support young runners, rather than other athletes involved in field events, and events of a reasonable distance, say 3 kilometres up to the age of 12 or 6 kilometres to age 16. Above that age runners may be supported in events of 10 klms or longer, for example long course cross country of 12 klms.

Support should only be sought such that it is accordance with any relevant athletic association rules, for example, to maintain amateur status. It is the responsibility of the supported athlete to know and understand any such rules and advise the CRR if there are any issues. CRR will not be liable for any breach and will make no formal enquiry or give any undertaking in this regard. It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure that it is appropriate for them to accept support.


The rules of the CRR allow the establishment of a sub committee for any legitimate purpose. A sub committee of 3 members should be established to consider submissions for support. The sub committee will be elected by all members of CRR annually at the same time as the Annual General Meeting for the same period as members of the main committee and subject to the same rules and regulations as are other members. The chair of the committee will be agreed by popular vote of all the members.

Applications for support, in writing, can be made by members or be accepted from any member of the community. The sub committee may itself initiate suggestions for the application of funds, for example support in the way of prizes for Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series or other events as appropriate.

The sub committee will consider any and all applications and report the outcome of all deliberations to the main committee on a regular basis, together with recommendations for support where it has been so resolved.

Generally funds will be provided in cash but appropriate encouragement given to ensure that funds are properly and usefully applied to further the athletes progress. Support for events should preferably be in the form of goods such as shoes or gear, and should be arranged such that they support any sponsors arrangements that organisers have in place, eg Rebel Sport support for various events.

The main committee will make the final decision as to whether to accept the sub committee recommendations, and payment will be arranged as for any other club expenditure.  All matters will be reported to members at each meeting including any deliberations by the sub committee.


Funds raised by the Club shall be applied in accordance with the primary objectives and goals of the CRR.  Applications for support can be generated by the sub committee, CRR members or from the general community. Applications from the community for support will be considered by a sub committee elected from paid members and reporting to the main committee for final decision with all outcomes reported to all members.  Funds should be applied to the furtherance of the development and career of young athletes in the sport of distance running.


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