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Our Coaches

Dave S
Dave is our senior coach and has been helping Caboolture Road runners to achieve their potential for many years. Dave regularly places in his age group at races from 3k up to the marathon. Each week Dave works with CRR runners looking to maximise performance. These sessions can be very demanding. Dave can also advise on stretching, injury prevention and management, diet, running gear, and set specific programs for members to achieve particular running goals.

Francis H
Francis is the King of the Kids but also an ultra nut who regularly runs any event longer than a marathon (42.2klms). Francis was the leader of the successful CRR Gold team in the Kokoda Challenge (96klms) in 2010 and can help any clubbies looking to take on the longer events like Glasshouse. Francis now holds his Level 2 coaching accreditation for middle to long distance events. Francis also works with our younger members to promote overall fitness and a love of running. Parents are expected to help out from time to time and the club does not provide a babysitting service.

Who does the coaching in our club?
We now have several coaches in the club: Dave S and Francis H. Dave is our most senior adviser and has been helping us run better for many years and Francis is also a qualified Level 2 coach.

Are there different types of coaching?
There are usually two sessions to choose from on a Thursday night. Information about what each coach does is shown on this page.

How do I know what type of training I should be doing?
First of all you need to decide what your goals are. What distances do you want to run, target races, do you want to run faster or further, both etc? Next talk to our senior coach Dave in the first instance. He'll ask you about what you've done, want to do and help you clarify your goals so they are reasonable and achievable. You can then decide which group best suits you.

How are younger runners and teenagers coached?
Kids must be members of CRR to participate in the Kids Coaching Sessions. Initially our younger runners work with Francis and we then manage their progression through the different groups with a system based on both parental and coach approval. The club 3k time trial is used to gauge fitness, but not based on time at this stage. 

Your expectations of our coaches
Our coaches are volunteers. The advice and assistance they give comes from experience and specific training which they have done in their own time for the benefit of our club and its members. Participants are asked to respect the work our coaches do by listening to everything they have to say, act on that advice, turn up and start each session on time. At the end of the day it is the individual runner who must accept responsibility for her or his performance, including recovery and injuries.

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