What is the Handicap Series?

The club hosts a dual series run over 5kms or 10kms with one race approximately each month from March through to October.

Generally the courses will be over a 5k loop which those in the 10k will do twice consecutively one immediately after the other.

At your first event you must nominate in which series you wish to race and you can only get points in one or the other series. So choose wisely grasshopper.

How does the handicap work?

No handicap: Race time plus 1%, new runners score lowest points on the day.

Race time faster than handicap: Reduce handicap by 80% of the difference between old handicap and race time.

Race time slower than handicap: Increase handicap by 10% of the difference between old handicap and race time – up to 30 seconds maximum.

Max INCREASE to handicap time is 15 Seconds for the 5KM event.

Max INCREASE to handicap time is 30 Seconds for the 10KM event.

Same: no change.

How does the point score work?

Results are decided on the difference between your race time and your handicap. Whoever runs faster than their handicap by the biggest margin, or closest to it if no-one runs under, wins maximum points, 50 for first, 46 2nd, 43 3rd, 41 4th then 40, 39, 38 and so on. Every Place after 43th place gets one point.

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Your best 5 races of 8 count.

And another thing….timekeeping

We don’t play for sheep stations but the series is hotly contested now. So we will have an official timekeeper at every event as follows:

No timekeeper, no run.

Timekeeper must have a current handicap in either 5k or 10k event.

Only paid up members will have handicaps calculated and score points. You only get a handicap after you run at least once.

You can only volunteer to time keep at one event in each annual series.

If more than one person volunteers, then the timekeeper will be chosen by draw from a club cap.

If you time keep you also score maximum points on offer for that event.

Times are kept for both 5k and 10k.

The timekeeper can run either course before or after everyone else, but her/his time will not be kept nor will his/her handicap be changed.

Anyone with any other bright ideas is welcome to contribute. And nominate any course you want to see in the series but remember we are the Caboolture Road Runners so the more central we can make each venue, the better and fairer for
all those travelling and burning fossil fuels. See? We do care.

Caboolture Road Runners Handicap Champions





Ellie Clarke

Mathew Clarke


Todd Sullivan

Cassy Ciantar


Mick O’Hagan

Rosalyn Kemp


Alan Curtis

Rosalyn Kemp/Geoff Everist (tie)


Laimon Eglentals

Simon Bradbury


Steven Hall

Bill Buchan


Ian McKee

Rebecca Owttrim


Tash Hoeksma

Robyn Griffin


Steven Mapperson

Francis Harvey


Robyn G



Steve H

Scott M


Bill B

Thomas G



Robyn G


Sean G


Tamara T and Iain McK


Genevieve N


Francis H


Eric N and Iain McK (overall points and best 4)


Col C and Glen M (overall points and best 4)